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Happy Friday! Apparently many people missed my post last month on My Brown Baby so I’m linking it again as my #FBF post!

Click the link below:

Forgiving My Father: How My Son’s Unconditional Love Convinced Me to Embrace My Dad


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Check Out My Latest Post on My Brown Baby

Hey loves,

These last few days have been a wonderful whirlwind experience. After the last couple of weeks it has been good to get out of my funk. I had submitted a Father’s Day piece to Denene Millner’s “My Brown Baby”, but I never heard back. Then yesterday she contacted me to say she’s sorry she missed it and would like to publish it. Yay!

Her exact words:

TIKEETHA! This piece is all the things. Every last one of them. THANK YOU for sharing it with me. I’m sorry that I’m just getting back to you and that it’s too late for it to run for Father’s Day. But I think it stands on it’s own. It will kick off the posts this week; what a lovely message to send first thing on a Monday morning. I went over to your site; it’s beautiful! I love your writing and look forward to reading more of your work. I scrolled through and found the pic of your baby and father; I’m going to use it to illustrate your post. I hope that’s okay. If it isn’t, just pop me an email and I’ll find a substitute pic first thing in the morning. The post will be live at midnight.
Thank you so much, again, for sharing your piece with MyBrownBaby. I’m sure the readers will be grateful for your sharing your heart.

Awesome sauce! Can you believe it?

I was excited because of three things:
  1. She wants to publish my piece.
  2. She’s a NY Times Best Selling author who loves my writing. (Key halo music)
  3. People read what I write and I’m growing my followers.

I’m thankful for it all. So there you have it folks. Check out my latest piece on My Brown Baby by clicking here: My Piece


By Faith (Part Two)

So, I guess I’m pretty good at this short story thing? Huh? I don’t know. It’s so weird. I was honored when so many women said that they loved the story and could relate to it. They felt as though I was writing their situation. I was awed and overwhelmed.

As one friend said to me yesterday, “You have God’s favor all over you.” I was honored and humbled by that. That being said, so many women wanted to know what happened to Faith and Teddy in my story that I decided to make this my first novel. A short story where I will give you all the information about Faith and Teddy.

Here’s my first addition. The prequel to their story from Teddy’s point of view. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

You can find it here:  By Faith

By Faith on Soar

My latest short story was published on one of my favorite websites. I originally wrote it to end the way I wrote it, but the response to write a second part has been overwhelming. I am extremely happy that people like it and they want to know what happens next. Please read it and give me your feedback.

It’s called By Faith and you can check it out here